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In November 2009 SWIFT Partner Management has awarded the SWIFTReady Connectivity label to CIS SWIFT Service Bureau (SSB), in recognition of its full compliance with the 2009 criteria for the SWIFTReady Connectivity - Best Practice label.

The accreditation process involved a number of phases during which all aspects of CIS SSB operations were audited. The process began with the submission of a comprehensive set of operational documentation, followed by a thorough SWIFT internal audit. The on-site inspection included visits to the data centres, interviews with SSB staff, and reviews of all associated procedures and supporting documentation.

The SWIFTReady connectivity label recognizes shared infrastructure providers who offer greater security and resiliency for end-users connecting to SWIFT. The new label helps clients to identify the best shared infrastructure providers with the highest operational standards.

The Best Practice label represents a significantly higher level of accreditation. As service bureaus are among the critical distribution channels for numerous financial institutions of the SWIFT community, the Best Practice programme has been designed to set and manage operational standards. By setting more stringent operational rules and practices, clients can be confident that neither resiliency nor security is compromised when operating through service bureaus. The strict rules are backed up by a rigorous on-site inspection carried out over several days by qualified SWIFT auditors.

Quality of services provided by CIS SSB Bureau encompasses several aspects:

  1. Availability of connection
2. Security and Access Control
3. Network configuration
4. Integrity
5. Change Management
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